• Just wanted to let you know that I have noticed a enormous improvement in Joshua's skating ability. He has not only improved in ALL aspects of his skating, he is also gaining complete confidence in his own ability to perform. We are very excited about this and are always looking forward to your sessions. You have all done an incredible job with him.
Glen Michael
  • The Palladini Power Skating School provides one of the most expert Skating Instruction.
Mrs. Han Nguyen
  • The Palladini Power Skating School is for all ages even the NHL can learn something from Sam & Chris, They teach excellent technique for more speed and quickness.
Nicholas Procow
  • My son found confidence on the ice after just a few of your Power Skating Lessons. your school focuses on faults and technique's that must be improved in order to play a good game.
The Argento's
  • The Palladini Power Skating School improved a lot of my skating abilities. I have learned a lot with Sam & Chris.
Olivier Rousseau
  • Letting you know how well my son is doing cause of your patience, wanting also to tell you he's really skating his best cause of your influence. We like the way you are teaching, you have your own way of reaching, you know your stuff without being rough. In what we've seen you're the best, you've passed the test, wear your crest proudly on your vest. You have a great school, you're cool, you have the tool, you rock and you rule. He's skating with a difference, the way he's practicing with confidence, he finds it easier, has resistance, he has more power and perseverance. It was a joy writing, it was fun, letting you know my feelings, in your special way of teaching. Continued Success in your business and Thank You.
Diane Lacroix Bastien
  • Your program is great! Just amazing, with dedication and a lot of hard work my son has gone from not knowing how to skate in Atom C, Atom A, Pee-wee BB to Bantam BB. He just flies down the ice backwards & forwards. He has endurance from the beginning of the game till the end, because he skates efficiently. My other son is a goaltender; he skates well backwards & forwards and knows his edges well from taking Power Skating. The future goaltenders have to be great skaters to match the speed of the game.
Andre Meloche
  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such an amazing job you have done with our son. A year ago he could barely stand-up, what an improvement! If it weren't for your great program he would have never made such strides in such a short period.
Mike Tucci